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We have been here manufacturing garments since 2002. We love it. It is what we do. We breathe it. We love solving problems. We love being involved. Materials, components, fabrics we source everything ourselves.

Lets focus on your questions

How long does it usually take?

Typically you can expect samples to be finished in 7-10 working days. Of course sometimes if the sample is a little more complicated or the first run is not exactly right we might need to make another one for you. So timelines are a guidance only. 

Sampling is a process that you cannot and should not rush. A good sample paves the way for good manufacturing.

Lead times on garment production in china vary hugely. The biggest component here is the availability of labour. Labour is a resource that is not fixed in terms of output, such as a machine or a tool. Labour has days off, gets sick, goes home, visits family, travels etc. When working with people as the main variable for production lead times need to be a little flexible. 

Lead times with made to order clothing manufacturers also vary on quantity. Small quantity manufacturing can be quite short, 15-20 days is typically long enough to get stock finished. 

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What is your MOQ?

For some more complicated items where we need to work with our network of manufacturers, there may be minimum order quantities, but if you let us know what you quantity you need to be purchasing we can work with that.

What should I think about when choosing fabrics?

Fabrics have a wide range of purposes designed to fulfil different needs. If you know exactly what you want, then of course this is perfect. But it's also about balancing price with quality. Some cheaper fabrics do a similar job and are much easier to work with

How much do samples cost?

There is a small fee for sampling. It is designed to cover the labour and material cost as well as setting up the pattern. All garment work is done by hand, so at some point once something is made, somebody has to be paid to do the work.

What should be my next step?

If you are interested in garment manufacture and you've got this far down the page then shoot us an email by filling out the form below and we will get back to you. Even if you don't really know where and how to start, by asking us some questions hopefully we can put you on the right path.